Bubba can be anybody. It's more an attitude than anything else. Tall or short, fat or skinny, male or female. It's all in the mind. Hard work, integrity,and the ability to make the best out of any situation are all keys to the "Bubba Attitude". Some say that Bubba is a Seminole Indian word meaning "He of the crimson neck" One things for sure. all Bubba's share their passion for good food, good music, fresh air, sports, cold beer, and as we say in Hawaii "talking story".

Some say that God created Bubba on the 13th day. Actually, according to the BUBBA HANDBOOK, God created Bubba in about 1950. But guys like Achilles, Davy Crockett, and Theodore Roosevelt had Bubba characteristics. After pounding a few Trojans, Achilles would have loved to grab a cold beer and click from college football to old Cagney movies--if he could have. But, that's the point. Sure, the American frontier experience was a major ingredient in the Bubba formula. So was fighting Trojans, lions, and dinosaurs, for that matter. And, granted, beer had been around since the first good ol' Egyptian brewed up a vat of grain back in 8000 BC. But for Bubba to be, several refinements in living conditions had to occur. Bubba's primordial elements began to coalesce around the turn of the century. First, the air conditioner was invented in 1902. Next, that nutritional staple, the Moon Pie, was born in a Chattanooga bakery in 1918. And, the first upholstered La-Z-Boy recliner rolled off the production line in 1929. Now you're talking. Then in swift succession, the first drive-in movie theater opened (1933), canned beer went on sale (1935), the first TV (a cartoon of Felix the Cat) hit the airwaves, and Coors Tavern ( Pueblo, Colo.) fried up its first Double Burger. (1936) The elements were clearly aligning to create the Cradle of Bubba Civilization. Sam Walton even opened his first retail outlet (1945).

It must have occurred on a rowdy Saturday night during the keg party of all keg parties. Few probably noticed, and even fewer still could have predicted that from it would be born the flip-top beer can, a plague of Labrador Retrievers, Bubba Burgers Kauai (Simply the World Best Burger), and a President from Arkansas. The most probable year was 1950 - the year the All American Football Conference merged with the NFL, starting the league's rise to stardom. The year Ford introduced the F-100 pickup truck with the slogan "Where men are men and trucks are Ford V-8's." And the year The Sands of Iwo Jima was released, starring a guy named John Wayne. While scholars are still debating the exact date and cause of the Bubba Big Bang, one thing is certain: Bubba had arrived. Soon he was towing home a rented big tank grill for his annual cookout party, and no good bass-fishing lake was too far for him to reach, bass boat hitched behind pickup. With color TV and pro football, Bubba communed with fellow males on Sunday and, if he needed more, he did it again on Monday night. Beer became the national beverage. In fact, scholars have proposed many theories linking beer to Bubba's creation. Consider these relationships from the formative years: Moon Pies (great with beer), recliner (great place to drink a cold one), drive-in movie (great place to take a cooler full), pickup truck (perfect for hauling kegs).... Hmmmmm. Whatever the connection, the Bubba creature quickly showed a hearty appetite for burgers, a propensity to laugh, an innate sense for work efficiency, and even a tendency to sentimentality--at times. "The Star-Spangled Banner" could bring tears to his eyes.

By 1977, Bubba had made it to the White House -- through the back door. While Jimmy had the nation sweating like a glass of iced tea on a Georgia summer day, Billy-- the patron saint of Bubba's--introduced the world to Billy Beer. Soon the stage was set for cable television, the remote control, and a First Mom named Virginia Cassidy Blythe Clinton Dwire Kelly-- the mother of all Bubbettes. Which brings us to Bubba's Zenith. Bubba Burgers Kauai opened in September 1990, The headlines read "Hubba Bubba!" when the Double-Bubba ticket triumphed in '92. Five hundred cable channels are on the way. Bubba Burgers opens a second location in Hanalei. Duck season will be here again before too long. Bubba feels good. He is gaining on his ultimate goal: to own his own BUBBA'S "WE CHEAT TOURISTS, DRUNKS, & ATTORNEYS " T-shirt and matching Baseball Cap.

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