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When we say we're world famous, we're not just whistling through the tropical Hawaiian winds. Check out where we've been so far and maybe you can be world famous, too!

Send for a world famous Bubba T-shirt, (a true bargain at twice the price.) Travel to the place of your heart's desire. Then, simply wear your Bubba shirt backwards, and have someone take your picture. Thats all there there is to it. Except,....you have to send a copy to us here at Bubba Burgers. Who knows? The next time you look at this page, you may see yourself staring back.

Coors Tavern, Pueblo Colorado, Circa 1936
Home of the Bubba Burger.
When we say "authentic old-fashioned burgers" we mean it.
This is a photo of the original crew in front of Coors Tavern.
Our burger is still made exactly as it was in 1936.
Check the sign in the window. "Big Juicy Hamburgers 5 cents"
You've come a long way Bubba !

The TAJ MAHAL, one of the seven wonders of the world. Of course, the Maharajas have to have their Bubba Burgers on a regular basis. On the day of the summer solstice, if you stand atop Mount Everest, you can see the Bubba logo in the reflecting pool.
If you have ever wondered where people from the ancient past obtained their food, archeological evidence from Bali shows they ate at Bubba Burgers.

One billion Chinese can't be wrong. In fact, they were forced to make The GREAT WALL OF CHINA so they could keep all their Bubba Burgers out of the mouths of the Mongol hordes.
Charlie and Felicia picnic atop the mountain. Scientists have now concluded that the reason for the decline of the ancient civiliziation at MACHUPICHU, PERU, was due to the fact that they didnt have a Bubba Burgers. Negotiations are currently under way to fix that problem.

Aaaah!... the city of lights.
If you are racing in the Grand Prix or are a high roller at the MONTE CARLO casino, one thing is for certain. It's never a gamble to eat at Bubba Burgers.

Here's Bones on his way to Sturgis 95. This geyser is just like Bones....old & faithful.
Our friends Bones & Renee on their way to Sturgeis 95.

Here's our friend Mary at the Lake Placid Horse show. Hmmm.... Should she jump it or drink it?
Is this family posing for a photograph or.......watering the plants?
Do you know who's flying your plane?
Ayer's Rock, Australia
Arch de Triumph
Paris France
Another great sketch by
a loyal Bubba Customer.
On the Equator in Kenya.
Great photo Bubba!
Jersey Johnny posing with one of his favorite actresses.
Porn Star Nicloe Sheridan
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Pisa, Italy
London, England
Although not the highest mountain in Switzerland, the Matterhorn is considered to be an iconic emblem of the Swiss Alps in particular and the Alps in general.
Is this Christopher Darden of "O.J." fame?
Athens, Greece
O.K. Corral
Reno, NV??
Tiananmen Square,
Beijing, People's Republic of China
Great photo. I don't know where this was taken. If you do please let me know.
Our friend Brenda hiking in Canada
Where the food's hot, the service is cold, and the music's too DAMN LOUD!




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